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The official Testimony of Karoly Schandl (link) may be found on the "Searching for Raoul Wallenberg" website


Karoly Schandl and other members of the anti-Nazi resistance in Hungary are included in "Raoul Wallenberg Missing," by John Horvath, Telepolis


Informaton about the British network can now be found at


"The London-Budapest Game" on PR Web (was also featured on Yahoo and Google News). This sequel to "Sword of the Turul"  contains never before revealed information on British Intelligence in Hungary. Real names of British agents are included.


Schandl photographs can now be seen at


"Sword of the Turul"  on PR WEB (also featured on Yahoo News and Emedia Newswire - Author Reveals Names of Betrayed Hungarian Heroes):


"Sword of the Turul" on Emedia Newswire (this was on Yahoo News):


"Sword of the Turul"  on PR WEB (this was on Yahoo News):


International Wallenberg researcher Susanne Berger has an article available on the website of the Raoul Wallenberg Association of France, which includes Karoly Schandl ("Karl Schandl") as one of only three Hungarian, British intelligence officers secretly held in Vladimir prison, connected to the Wallenberg case.


Karoly and his friends also appear in the following Swedish newspaper article on Raoul Wallenberg’s Unexplored Intelligence Connections in Hungary


"Sword of the Turul" is available at, a website for university and college books:


The book has been chosen as a selection of the prestigious Forbes Book Club.


Author Catherine Eva Schandl can be contacted at:

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